What’s the Rub: My Current Skincare Routine

Let’s be real: I am always on the lookout for better skincare. I’m obsessed with the best and most reliable products that do their job without breaking the bank. Plus, since I live somewhere that is cold and DRY, I am always looking to keep my skin moisturized and more hyper pigmentation at bay.

I have combination type skin, straight t-zone vibes. I have also, clearly, been working on rebuilding my natural skin barrier and getting it used to the air and humidity in my new city. So below, please find my current skincare routine and

1Urban RX Clear Skin Cleansing BarMy Daily Cleanser
2Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel Step 1I am in love
3Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel Step 2You don’t understand
4ROC RETINOL CORREXION® Line Smoothing Night Serum CapsulesEvery Evening
5CeraVe Moisturizing CreamAs much as necessary
6& sometimes CeraVe Healing OintmentI rotate it in an out with the Cream.
A cute little chart to make it quick and helpful. I even put them in order of use to make it simpler to ease in to doing.
  1. I bought the Even Tone Cleansing Bar first. It worked okay but I thought I would try this one too because it says it would slow down breakouts too. So far so good. This is my daily cleanser. I usually lather up for a minute exactly and then leave for a minute or two before rinsing off.
  2. I am so in love with this product. I have seen so many people getting chemical peels but since COVID is “over” and y’all want me back outside, I can not afford to be out and about with my skin peeling off my face like that. I bought one box on discount to give it a try and spaced it out over the summer using it every other day. My hyper-pigmentation is clearing up so fast!
  3. The second step in the process is for anti-aging and I do believe it has helped to smooth my skin and to slow down that one wrinkle I have ben battling! (Please note that you MUST use these two together. Please note that you MUST NOT use these every day as you will burn the life out of your skin. I did. It hurt.)
  4. I enjoyed these capsules so so much and felt like a fancy lady and then I learned how to use and it and now I love it even more! The keyword here is SERUM! Put this on RIGHT after you do the peel treatment. It will start marching the moisture back to your face and it helps with the collagen in the face bounce back which is what we here at anti-wrinkle are all about. Plus the little capsules are super cute like?
  5. I went to the store looking for a moisturizer because I live in Chicago now and, even when it is humid outside, my skin insists on being dry. The girl in the store recommended this my face and my body and she has been a life send. I can’t believe that there are people out there that are not using this product. It moisturizes my body and face so well- ESPECIALLY if I put it on right after the shower without lingering or being greasy or wet (Eucerin!?!). My legs have been happy all winter. AMEN!
  6. Finally, this needs no introduction. You know how I feel about this stuff. I live for the cream but I die for this ointment. It is thick, also good for the whole body, and it seals in moisture so well! My only problem is that it can be a little much when you first put it on, but as it sinks into the skin you will be so happy to be a little sticky ball of ointment. It has healed scars over night. My dry lips too.

I know that this list isn’t as detailed as others but I hope it gives you a good idea about what I use and why. I can do a deeper dive on things if you’d like.

Also take into account that you have to make sure that these are the right combination of products for you. I have an oily T-zone and I’m dryer around the mouth. So I have to make sure to apply as necessary in certain zones of my face. I also burned my face conducting this experiment. so no Beta peel for right now. But I am only on hiatus because I listened to my body. Always make sure you do that too!

Tell me what’s new and what you use down below.

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