The Power of Intentional WELLNESS and Continuous REST

As time soldiers on, and we continue to normalize this Pandemic, I have noticed that people are less and less likely to cut themselves some slack for surviving through the hardest period of time in human existence.

I know what you are thinking: Oh my gosh. It’s over. We are moving on, and living, and existing, and the world is opening up. GET OVER IT GIRL! But my question to you is – Did You EVER stop? Did You EVER reflect? Did You EVER meditate? Did You EVER reevaluate your goals or your life?

I know very few people that did. I know very few people that took the time to consider the whirlwind that these past two years have had on their minds, souls, and their psyche. Instead, they have kept it moving – battling everything thrown at them; come Hell or high water. Being productive to the death of them…

Y’all, this “gotta push through it”/ “others have it worse than me”/ “I’ll sleep when I die mindset” is toxic. It is dismissive of our individual stories – the heartache and pain that we ALL went through. It does not take into account our humanity and it does not consider our pain. We all know this…but society can’t seem to stop. They are running headlong into oblivion. It makes me sad. I worries me.

“Well”, you say to me, “I don’t have the luxury of a two week beach vacation to a spa retreat in the Maldives. So, I don’t know what you want from me!?”

First of all I say: Goddamn girl me neither lol…but that sure would be nice. Secondly, I would say: I like your thinking. Let’s localize it. – How do you relax? How do you unwind? How do you get in touch with yourself? Do you know? If you need suggestions CLICK HERE. If not, and you’ve envisioned your activity in your minds eye, build it into your schedule. Make time and space for it – for yourself. Then, when that scheduled time comes, throw yourself into that activity soul first and don’t stop until you feel change.

Let it touch you. Let it move you. Let it cleanse the shitshow that was the last two years from your aura. Come out of that session renewed – BUT come out of that session with some learnings! You will want to have gotten in touch with yourself enough that you have understood at least the following three things:

  1. Who was I then?
  2. Who am I now?
  3. How will I use the knowledge that I’ve gathered from this time period to become a better, self-realized, and caring me?

Once you can safely answer those questions, you have my permission to reenter society. Reenter society and bring with you all of that peace, positivity, and relaxation that you have harnessed and pass it on to others. Repeat as necessary and remember life is a pentathlon not a sprint. It is long and dumb and weird but at least you can go swimming and might get to ride a horse? So embrace that peace you have created and live centered by continuous rest.

Again, if you need ideas about wellness activities take a look at my Wellness tab. I like to share some of the things that I do to stay in touch with my body and soul. I want to exude effervescent joy but the only way to do that is to practice wellness. I hope that you can get some inspiration from me. Finally, if no one has told you today please know that I think that you have the power to change the world. I just want you to be well-rested and joyful too.

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